Batik Sutera Lukis

Batik Sutera Lukis

This crafts comes from the east coast states Terengganu. Batik is very popular in Terengganu where many batik enterpreneurs whose activies are. All batik produced are of high quality until reach thousands of dollarsIt became the focus of tourists coming to Terengganu whether tourists traveling domestically or abroadThere are many types of batik such as batik cantin, blocks, painting, digital, etc. Each type of batik which has produced fine quality and distinctive artThe fabric used is of high quality fabrics such as satin, rayon, creet, and chiffon.

Batik we market is Batik Lukis. Batik Lukis are produced using the method of using a brush directly on the fabric. Fabrics used are rayon jacquard fabric. This type of easy care fabrics, soft and easily rubbedBatik we market has many beautiful and interesting patterns and designs that are marketed are the latest trend. Each design is limited each...


Come from Terengganu

- Drawing technique using brush directly on the fabric
- New design (Limited design)
-Quality number 2 Jaquard Rayon
-Only RM 130/unit
- First come first serve
- You can see before buying (around UTHM only)


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